JOABOA TECH, building the splendid home with you

SHENZHEN JOABOA TECH GROUP(hereinafter referred to as JOABOA TECH) is a system supplier of functional construction materials, as well as to undertake decoration & insulation and waterproofing projects. JOABOA TECH is established in 1999, whose headquarter is located in Shenzhen, till now it has 8 production bases. JOABOA TECH’s product ranges cover several categories and […]

JS Polymer Cementitious Waterproofing Coating

Product Introduction JOABOA JS polymer cementitious waterproofing coating is two-component macromolecule water-based coating, which consists of macromolecule emulsion and cement as main raw materials, various inorganic materials and additive. It has excellent weatherability, strong adhesion, high strength, and be innoxious & odourless. It meets the harmful materials limit of building interior decoration GB50325-2001, living up […]

Beijing OCT Entertainment City

Project Name: Beijing OCT Entertainment City Contractor: SHENZHEN JOABOA TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD Area: 120,000 ㎡ iincluding roof and basement  Materials: BAC wet application self adhesive waterproofing membrane Beijing OCT Entertainment City is located in East 4th Ring– most important district of Beijing urban development. It’s next to the mainline of East 4th Ring and Beijing-Shenyang Highway […]


JOABOA contracts, surpervises and manages waterproofing of 120,000 ㎡ for Shenzhen Citizens Central Square by applying BAC-P® self adhesive membrane. The project won 2010 Luban Prize (Oscars in Construction). Shenzhen Citizens Central Square is a significant part of Shenzhen downtown square and middle-south landscaping. The project starts from April, 2005. The theme is “The Fresh […]

Waterproofing layer

Today we introduce a new product — Steel Plate Type WICI Single-ply Roofing System(Waterproofing & Insulation Compound Integrated Panel): 1.The whole roofing system is combined into a complete part. No fluid-channling, no leakage. 2.It’s quite simple and easy to locate the leakage point, convenient for the maintenance. Only need to cover the leakage point with […]