Antistatic Industrial Flooring Paint

The paint contains additive materials that are made of clotting conductive medium, which enable to keep long-time conductive property and its electric resistance is more powerful than fiber does.

When the paint is brushed onto cement substrate, will form 1-3mm thick colored protective film which has following features:

  • Antistatic, oil-resistant
  • Chemical resistance
  • Anti-abrasive and anti-slip
  • Easy to clean, strong adhesion to substrate
  • Elegant appearance and comfortable for pedestrian



Application Range

Applicable to paint and oil warehouse, chemical workshop, biological and medical workshop, electronics workshop, computer rooms and laboratory
The applied thickness:
+ 2-3mm (for floors which endure high weight loading)
+ 0.8-0.9mm (for floors which endure normal weight loading)

Coating Interval

10~20℃: 24h (minimum), 20~30℃: 12h (minimum)

Application Procedure

Sealer 一 primer 一 middle coating 一 finishing coating

Film Thickness

1.0 – 3.0 mm

Structure for application

Technical Properties

Item Data
Drying time h Surface < 4
Interior < 24
  Hardness > 0.65
  Ground electric resistance(ohm) 105 -109
  Surface electric resistance(ohm) 105 – 109
  Shock resistance (cm) 50
  Heating resistance 150℃ 2h No change
  Flexibility mm 1
  Waterproofing 24h No change
  Waterproofing < 50
  10%NaOH resistance (56d) No change
  10% vitriol resistance (56 d) No change
  Gasoline resistance (60d) No change

Application Method

  1. Clean the substrate, remove all dust and other sundries, with special method to treat oil-tainted area.
  2. Polish the concrete substrate using sander machine in order to keep smooth and eliminate aged surface .
  3. Apply (roller brushing, or manual brushing) 1-2 layers of permeated primer onto ground to seal cement pores, which will function as adhesion layer and permeate into ground to solidify the substrate. The permeated primer consuming quantity : 0.3kg/m2 , and the thickness is about 0.1mm.
  4. Brush one layer of self leveling mortar so that improve the ground smoothness and its compression strength. Self leveling middle coating consuming quantity is 0.6kg per square meter, and the mortar thickness is 0.8mm.
  5. Adhere the copper foil onto the ground per 4-6m , and the foil size is above 0.06*10m and is connected to ground port or main line.
  6. Evenly apply (roller brushing or manual brushing) 2-3 layers of antistatic flooring primer. Consuming quantity is 0.2kg per square meter.
  7. Evenly apply (brushing method) antistatic flooring finishing paint.

Storage Period

12 months


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