BAC-P Double Side Self-adhesive Waterproofing Membrane

BAC-P double side self-adhesive waterproofing membrane is made of PET polyester film or Cross Lamination Film as interlayer, self-adhesive rubber bitumen sizing materials and isolating film covered both sides. This membrane has good stability, excellent self-healing, and reliable overlapping features, meanwhile, it can be strong bonded with the cement motor or rubber bitumen coating, to avoid the water channeling and realize the “skin type” waterproofing.



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Product Features

  1. Adhesion reliable and convenient to be checked or repaired: The membrane can be bonded reliable to the structure, if there is local failure on the membrane, water would be confined in a limited area without fluid-channeling. Even there is seepage, the seepage point would be at the breakage point, which makes it easy to repair the leakage.
  2. Unique wet-application technology, short construction period: No mater wet or non-level substrates are available to apply. No need to primer, high flexibility of application, being not influenced by temperature, more remarkable advantages while in rain days, all above become the most power weapon to shorten the construction period.
  3. Easy to construct: Construction application seems like blockhead and convenient to handle. You can choose the application technology by the site condition.
  4. Easy and reliable to overlap: This membrane is double side self-adhesive waterproofing membrane. It’s convenient to overlap by self-adhesive overlapping.
  5. Safe and environmentally: During construction, there is no solvent or fuel involved, avoiding pollution and fire risks and saving resources as well.


Technical Sheet






Application Range


Basement, roof and other place of industrial and civil construction.


Application Method



Storage and Transportation

  • Different types or specifications of products should be separated, not mixed.
  • Keep it dry and ventilated, protected from the sun or rain. Storage temperature should never be higher than 45 ℃.
  • Pile up the membranes flatwise whose stockpile height never exceeds five layers.
  • Storage time is at least one year from manufacture date on if the product is under normal operation of storage.
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