BAC Waterproofing Membrane

BAC waterproofing membrane system is the one of the most effective way in solving the problem above. By adopting wet-placement application, it sticks to the base closely and firmly,forming a reliable “SkinType” waterproofing system which can eradicate fluid-channeling phenomenon thus root out necessary conditions for seepage.



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Product Features

  1. As a product with patented technology, it makes a good firm bond to unsolidified cement, ruling out the possibility of fluid-channeling and forming into a firm, extraordinary waterproofing system called “skin Type”, which is featured with high reliability and low cost.
  2. No mater wet or non-level substrates are available to apply. No need to primer, high flexibility of application, being not influenced by temperature, more remarkable advantages while in rain days, all above become the most power weapon to shorten the construction period.
  3. The materials not only has adhesive itself which can reach self-adhesive overlap firmly, but also can tightly bond to coatings like SPU that be brushed on its surface. These features solve the difficulty in pipe lining, winding up and joint, achieving seamless process of membranes.
  4. BAC wet-application membrane can make a good and lasting bond to the structure. If there is local failure on the membrane, water would be confined in a limited area without fluid-channeling. Even there is seepage, the seepage point would be at the breakage point, which makes it easy to repair the leakage.
  5. During construction, there is no solvent or fuel involved, avoiding pollution and fire risks and saving resources as well.

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Application Range

Waterproofing, anti-seepage and moisture proof of side walls of basements, baseboards, head plates and roofs.

Application Method



Storage and Transportation

  • Different types or specifications of products should be separated, not mixed.
  • Keep it dry and ventilated, protected from the sun or rain.
  • Storage temperature should never be higher than 45 ℃. Pile up the membranes flatwise whose stockpile height never exceeds five layers. One layer is guaranteed if it is placed vertically.
  • Prevent it from inclination or In the process of transportation, it should be lying in case of inclination or lateral pressure. If necessary, cover it with felt-cloth.
  • Storage time is at least one year from manufacture date on if the product is under normal operation of storage.
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