CLF Cross Laminated Film Macromolecule Self-adhesive Waterproofing Membrane

CLF Cross Laminated Film Macromolecule Self-adhesive Waterproofing Membrane uses imported cross laminated film and high performance formula self-adhesive asphalt rubber, and combined into high performance and cold operation self-adhesive waterproof membrane. The roll material is a kind of tensile, elongation and tears resistance stronger without tire self-adhesive waterproof roll material, which has excellent resistance to UV and stability.



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Product Features

  1. With excellent physical performance, especially its high tear strength and dimension stability, highlight the material adaptability of the construction environment.
  2. Strong bonding waterproof roll material and structure. Roll material appear any partial destruction, the water will be restricted in a small range, no streaming. Even if a few leakage, leakage points will also match with breakdown point, easy to maintenance.
  3. With unique self-healing, automatically heal small cracks, hanging a tile roof more magic.
  4. According to field condition, using wet or dry application process, construction simple and efficient.
  5. Wet weather or screed-coat base can construct, no bottom coating, with high freedom, and not affected by the weather. The rainy season construction, advantage is more outstanding, which is the guarantee construction period of the most powerful “weapon”.
  6. Save solvent and fuel in the construction process, avoid the environmental pollution and fire hazard, and save the resources.

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Application Range

Mainly application for the basement, roofing and other parts of industrial and civil construction.

Application Method



Storage and Transportation

  • Storage and transport, different types and specifications of the product should be piled up respectively, not be mixed.
  • Avoid sun and rain, pay attention to ventilation, storage temperature should not be higher than 45℃
  • Roll material should be flat during transport and storage, flat stacking height not more than five levels.
  • Under the normal storage and transport conditions, storage period is one year from the date of production.
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