JS Polymer Cementitious Waterproofing Coating

JOABOA JS polymer cementitious waterproofing coating is two-component macromolecule water-based coating, which consists of macromolecule emulsion and cement as main raw materials, various inorganic materials and additive. It has excellent weatherability, strong adhesion, high strength, and be innoxious & odourless. It meets the harmful materials limit of building interior decoration GB50325-2001, living up to environmental-friendly needs.



Product Features

  1. Có thể dùng cho cả nền khô và ướt, có tính bám dính cao.
  2. Không ô nhiễm và không gây hại, có thể áp dụng đối với việc chống thấm nước của bể nước.
  3. Có thể sử dụng chung với sơn và màng chống thấm khác.
  4. So với các sản phẩm tương tự khác, nó cho thấy khả năng chịu nước tốt hơn và chống thấm nước lâu hơn.

Technical Sheet



Package Specification

  • Emulsion: 25 kg per pail
  • Powder: 20 kg per bag

Application Range

  • Mainly used in new and old building’s roofs, basements, exterior walls, tunels, channels, drinking pools, pools, cooling ponds, kitchens and tolits, bathrooms and balconies.


Application Method

  • Make sure substrates are leveled, firm, clean and no visual water. Any cracks should be repaired first. Internal & external corners need to camber. And dry substrates should be moistened.
  • If necessary, mix emulsion with water at the weight ratio of 1:1, then brush the mixture on the substrates.
  • Add power into the JS slowly, stirring the mixture evenly until uniform with electric mixer for 5 mins. Proportioning of waterproofing coating: Weigh materials as emulsion/cement=1/0.8(type I) or 1/1.2 (typeⅡ),or 1/2 (type Ⅲ). If necessary to dilute with water, make sure the water weight can’t exceed the JS’s 10%.
  • Brush thinly for several times with scraper evenly. The next brushing should conduct after the prior becomes hard drying.
  • Application method with fiberglass mesh: Generally needs two times brushing. Place the fiberglass mesh after the first brushing, and keep it leveled. Do the second time brushing after the prior coating film becomes surface drying but not hard drying.


  • Application temperature bellow 5℃ or outside application in rains are not allowed.
  • Keep the application environment ventilated and had better use up the coating within 30mins.
  • Seal the rest materials and avoid the powder being damp.
  • Storage JS in the warehouse whose temperature is not less than 5℃. Products shelf life is 6months.
For more detail, please download the following PDF document


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