PET Wet-application Waterproofing Membrane

PET wet-application waterproofing membrane is made of self-adhesive rubber bitumen as master material with highest water impermeability and cement as the cheapest adhesives, constituting the most reliable and economical waterproofing system called “Skin Type”.



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Product Features

  1. Ultra-strong adhesion property can stick to the substrates tightly which beyond your image.
  2. Saving construction materials but achieve a perfect waterproofing effect. High standards waterproofing projects adopt multilayer application, so that reveal its excellent waterproofing feature.
  3. Safe and environment-friendly. Wet-application with cement-based materials, no need to prime coat and hot melting, no volatile solvent, no hidden fire hazards and no harm to human bodies.
  4. Strong damage resistance and simple for repairing once incurs to breakage.
  5. Covered and protected by cement-based adhesive materials, possessing rigid waterproofing function so that creates one waterproofing layer but diploid prevention.
  6. Easy to find out and repair the breakage spots, low maintain cost, and no phenomenon of fluid-channeling, all above promote its water self-locking property.
  7. Construction application seems like blockhead and convenient to handle.

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Application Range

Waterproofing, anti-seepage and moisture proof of basements and roofs.

Application Method



Storage and Transportation

  • Different types and specifications of products should be separated, not be mixed.
  • Keep it dry and ventilated, prevent from the sunshine and raining.
  • Storage temperature should never be higher than 45℃.The stackup height should never exceeds five layers when the membranes be stored flatly . Only one layer must be guaranteed if it is placed vertically.
  • Prevent it from inclination and lateral pressure. If necessary, cover it with felt-cloth.
  • Storage time is at least one year from the production date when the product is under normal operation of storage.
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