PMC-101 Cement-based Capillary Crystalline Waterproofing Coating

PMC-101 Cement-based Capillary Crystalline Waterproofing Coating is cement-based powdery waterproofing material with special active compound, which can penetrate into concrete matrix, making a chemical action with water continuously, and further generating water-fast Inert Crystalline to block and seal capillary pores of concrete. Besides, the active compound also can form into a penetration waterproofing layer, working with its own dense waterproofing coating layer, so that they compose two waterproofing layers featured with compact, high-strength, durability and reliability.



Product Features

  1. Super permeability contributes to internal permeable crystallization of concrete, which is hard to be damaged.
  2. Special excellent “Self-healing” which fixes microcracks itself. It has long-term impermeability, and high resistance to high Hydraulic pressure. It falls into category of inorganic material, being out of the question of ageing and keeping lifetime as long as the concrete.
  3. Resistant to frost heaving and thawing circulation, inhibiting alkali-aggregate reaction, preventing the concrete structures from chemical corrosion damage, protecting steel bars and without damage to concrete caused by expansion.
  4. Non-toxic and environment-friendly products, which with excellent properties of temperature resistance, Humidity tolerance, oxidative resistance, carbonization resistance, ultraviolet resistance, radiation resistance.
  5. Application is convenient and rapid, shortening construction period. Protective layer is no need after construction. Besides, comprehensive cost is lower.

Technical Sheet



Package Specification

  • 25kg per pail

Application Range

It is widely used on waterproof and protection of industrial and civil constructions like underground projects, metro, tunnels, pools and concrete structures of water conservancy projects.



Application Method

  • Make sure the substrate is leveled, firm, clean, oil-stain-free, dust-free and without other contaminants. It is necessary to wet the dry substrates in advance and dry up by airing until without visual water.
  • Put the powder into the container with water, until fully uniform paste with electric mixer, quiet place for a few minutes later and can be used by little stirring.
  • Water-adding Proportion:

Shelling-out: about 27% (6.5—7L water/25kg powder materials)

Coating-squeegee: about 22%(5.3—5.8Lwater/25kg powder materials

  • Shelling-out with brush and roller for two layers on the treated substrates, make sure the total thickness reaches 1.0-1.2mm. Generally, the second shelling out is 3-4 hours later after the first film is dry.
  • The direction of the second brush should cross for the first brush.
  • Next construction should be after the prior film getting dry and solidify.


  • During construction, gloves, masks and safety goggles against dust are strongly recommended to be worn by workmen.
  • Keep ventilation at construction site, clean up hands after construction.
  • Construction is not a allowed if the temperature is lower than 5℃.
  • It should be sealed and stored in the shade, ventilation and dry place.
For more detail, please download the following PDF document


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