PVC Waterproof Membrane

JOABOA PVC waterproof membrane is a kind of macromolecule materials with excellent properties, which consists of polyvinyl chloride resin mainly and various dedicated auxiliaries, anti-aging ingredient, produced by advanced equipment and technology.



Product Features

  1. Strong tensile strength, high elongation, can fit big deformation of substrates.
  2. Excellent anti-extreme weather property, can adapt to various environment temperature difference.
  3. Suitable for exposed projects with long lifetime and good anti-aging property.
  4. Can be welded firmly and reliably.
  5. Outstanding root penetration resistance, best choice for planted roofs.
  6. Simple and fast construction without pollution.
  7. Great plasticity and fast treatment with corners and details.

Technical Sheet




Note: other specifications can be offered depended on agreements between buyers and supplier.

Application Range


1. Steel structure roofs, exposed and unexposed concrete roofs, planted roofs.

2. Waterproof projects of basements, metros and tunnels.


Application Method


For more detail, please download the following PDF document 


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