Semi-Gloosy Thick-Film Industrial Abrasion-Resistant Flooring Paint

  • The film is seamless, smooth, strong and withstands compression and resist against any crack
  • Bright colored film that is dustproof and excellently decorative
  • Superior chemicals resistance, waterproofing, oil resistance, solvency resistance and permeability resistance
  • Non-toxic, and it is easy for repairing
  • The film can reach above 1mm at one time



Application range

Widely applied in manufacturing workshops that entail high abrasion and compression resistance, such as workshops for electronic appliance, mechanical devices, communication equipments, food, auto and pharmacy industry, especially for the passages that the forklifts and cars runs through

Coating interval

10~20℃: 24h (minimum), 20~30℃: 12h (minimum)

Film thickness

1.0 – 1.5mm

Structure for application

Technical Properties

Item Data
Drying time Surface <4
h Actual <24
  Hardness >0.70
  Gloss <50%
  Adhesion strength (Grade) 1
  Compression strength cm 50
  Flexibility mm 1
  Abrasion resistance mg <10
  Water resistance(Submerged in water for 7 days) No change to coating
  Salt and fog resistance(1000h) (Grade) 1
20% vitriol resistance(20d) No change to coating
  20%NaOH resistance(30d) No change to coating
  Gasoline resistance(60d) No change to coating

Application method

  1. Cement substrate should be polished and buffed by mechanical, using epoxy mortar to fill and floating the inequality area. Do not spray the cement powder onto surface; ensure the surface to be smooth. New floors need to be maintained for at least 30 days, keep water absorption to be under 8% when perform application.
  2. The type of paint is packed in two components, exact proportion refer to quality certificates. During application process, fully mix the two components at appropriate rate (about 20 minutes curing before use). Add anti-abrasive filler into the mixture paints as per required proportion when applying primer and middle coating, only being mixed evenly through manual or mechanical mixing method then can start applying.
  3. The finishing coating shall be applied by spraying or brushing, when the middle coating is not smooth enough, the finishing coat shall not be applied until the middle coating is treated to be smooth.
  4. The application shall not be executed when the temperature is below 5℃ and the relative humidity is above 80%.
  5. Maintenance work must last over 10 days before the painted floor withstand weight loading.

Storage period

12 months


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