Solvent-Free Self Leveling Abrasion-Resistant Flooring Paint

The paint is composed of solvent-free modified epoxy resin and top-graded curing agent, which grants the paint with outstanding physical and chemical properties:

  • Strong and hard, seamless and smooth
  • Abrasion resistance, compression and cracking resistance
  • Good at resisting against oil, solvent, taints and chemicals
  • Dustproof, and excellent self leveling


  • The cured film is thick and non-toxic, has elegant appearance, comfortable for sight and pedestrian


Application Range

Extensively serves the electronic, medical industry that require to be extremely clean, dust-free, sterile. Also for other industries that entail resisting against strong compression, high shock and chemical corrosion

Coating Interval

10~20℃: 24h (minimum), 20~30℃: 12h (minimum)

Application Procedure

Sealer 一 primer 一 middle coating 一 finishing coating

Film Thickness

1.0 – 3.0 mm

Structure for application

Technical Properties

Item Data
Density(g/cm3) 1.32
Compressive strength(Mpa) > 80
Tensile strength(Mpa) > 9
Adhesion strength(Mpa) > 2
Water absorption (%)   < 0.2
Shrinkage rate (%)   < 0.2
Acid, alkali, salt resistance Pass
Benzol resistance Pass
Gasoline resistance Pass

Application Method

  1. The substrate shall be free from oil taint, floating dust and other particles, immediately brush one layer of sealer coating onto newly treated cement-based substrate to prevent from being polluted again.
  2. Proportioning process must be executed strictly according to requirement, after the paint emulsion and curing agent are fully mixed together, shall leave 20-30 minutes for curing. The mixed paint must be consumed up within 3 hours.
  3. Add anti-abrasive filler into the mixture paints as per required proportion when applying primer and middle coating, only being mixed evenly through manual or mechanical mixing method then can start brushing. Primer and filler mixing ratio =100:350-400 (by weight). Middle coating and filler mixing ratio=100:200-250 (by weight)
  4. Only the middle coating is smooth enough then can proceed with applying finishing coating. During applying process, use tools to flatten the mixed paint and will level by itself.
  5. New floor substrate maintenance period shall last for at least 30 days, and perform application work when water absorption rate is below 8%.
  6. It is not appropriate for proceeding with application work when the ambient temperature is below 0℃ or relative humidity is above 80%.
  7. The pedestrian is prohibited within 48 hours after the flooring paint is applied, and allow for weight loading after 10 days later.

Storage Period

12 months


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