SPU Overstrength Elastic One-Component Polyurethane Waterproofing Coating

SPU is developed and produced by the latest technology by JOABOA TECH from broad. It is a one-component solidified polyurethane waterproofing coating with water, composed of main ingredients like isocyanates, polyethers with some additives. It is flexible waterproofing coating by chemical reaction. During construction, get the coating mixed uniformly, then brush it on the base directly. If necessary, add no more than 10% clean water into the coating and blend them well by the motor stirrer before coating the base.



Product Features

  1. One-component waterproofing coating. Easy to handle and apply.
  2. Physical properties of the solidified film is featured with high-strength, high elongation, high-resilience, good anti fatigue and high aging resistance.
  3. Excellent weatherability, so that be adaptable to climate changes in regions with hot or cold weather.
  4. As environment-friendly products, it contains no solvent and less volatile organic compounds (VOC), innoxious, odourless, pollution-free and safe.
  5. By water solidified mechanism, it can form into film on moist base, which contributes to more applicable of SPU.

Technical Sheet



Package Specification

  • 25kg per pail

Application Range

  • Widely used in general buildings’ roofs, external walls, basements, balconies, kitchens and lavatories, some special buildings like granaries, civil air defence works, bridge projects.


Application Method

  • Keep the waterproofing base firm, smooth, clean, no dust, oil and visual water.
  • Brush directly after stirring SPU evenly.
  • Brush in large area: Brush SPU on the substrate with rubber scrapper, and guarantee suitable strength, uniformity and no stack.
  • Recommended thickness is not beyond 0.7mm at per coating film, and two or three times coating film is better.
  • Do the second time’s brush after the first film is dry, namely non-stick with hand. Remember the brushing direction is orthogonal with the last film, until reaches the design thickness.
  • If necessary, add some water whose weight is about 10% of the coating, and stir evenly not less than 3min by electric mixer.


  • Substrate should be dry.
  • Change the brushing direction alternately at per brushing layer. Make sure the overlap width reaches 30~50mm between sequential two brushing in the same coating film.
  • Avoid the overlap been damaged, and its width should be more than 100mm. Clean its surface before the next brush.
  • Brush several times in the last application area.
  • Avoid stir too much SPU with water at one time, or the coating may solidified before using up.
  • The coating should be used up after exposed to the outside unless stored in sealed container.
  • Wear some protective clothing while application. Keep skin and eyes away from the coating.
For more detail, please download the following PDF document


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