TOYU® Series Waterproof Coating

TOYU-TWY-200 High Elastic Acrylic Waterproof Coating is based on excellent modified acrylic and several polymer emulsions, through processing and become a kind of one-component water-base environmental polymer waterproof coating membrane materials.



Product Features

  1. Water-base environmental polymer waterproof coating membrane materials is not including organic solvent.
  2. With strong cohesive force, high elasticity, high cracking resistance.
  3. With excellent water resistance, high and low temperature resistance, anti-aging performance. 4. Can be exposed directly, one component, easy to application.

Technical Sheet



Recommended Dosage

The thickness of membrane is 1.0mm, so the theoretical quantity is 1.2kg/m2.

Application Range

  • It is used for the roof, wall, kitchen, bathroom, balcony, windows and also the crack’s waterproofing work.
  • It is used for metal roofing, color steel roofing etc waterproofing work.

Application Method

  • Substrate should be clean, smooth, no-oil pollution and no-water. If the base has cracks or tube root set groove, it should fill in the seal material.
  • Brush and scrape waterproof coating layer, it should be more than 2 times. If it is for repairing work, please put a non-woven or glass fiber fabric to be used as the matrix.
  • Please brush evenly, avoid the coating stacking , when the coating thickness is 1mm, then the theoretical quantity is 1.2kg/㎡, please brush at least 2 times.


  • Please keep good ventilation during construction, it is better for the coating layer’s drying.
  • When open the bucket, there is some slight stratification, stir well, so be construction.
  • When the waterproof coating is dry, and then you can operate the protective layer and decorative layer construction.


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