WICI Waterproofing & Insulation Compound Integration System

Joaboa WICI waterproofing & Insulation Integrated System for Roofing is a composite panel made up of TPO/PVC waterproofing membrane, rigid foam PU (or rock wool) thermal insulation layer and Cement-based Waterproofing Membrane by special productive technology. It can adhere firmly to concrete structure layer by polymer cement. This system not only can guarantee the roof’s waterproofing quality and eliminate the fluid channeling between the waterproofing layer and substrate, but also can simplify the application technology and decrease system risk.


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Product Features

  1. One procedure, two functions.
  2. The most suitable materials, the perfect combination.
  3. Three times of anti-water, avoiding the fluid channeling.
  4. Energy-efficient, enduring property.
  5. Easier application, shorter construction period.
  6. Lower cost, higher performance price ratio.
  7. Energy-saving and emission reduction, safety and environmental protection.
  8. Cope with various special environmental effectively.

Recommend Thickness of WICI Panels




Application Range

  • Roof, plant roof, top plate of basement.

Application Method



Storage and Transportation


  • WICI Panel should be placed flatwise both storage and transportation.
  • Keep away from fire during storage and transportation.
  • It’s not allowed to touch organic solvent directly.
  • To guarantee WICI Panel fixed firmly by safety belt while vertical transportation.

Certification of Honor


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